Slotted tray walls

It is the profile that is applied inside the tray side, with a grid shape with a 20 mm pitch that houses the separators and partitions. The slotted tray walls is supplied as a kit, as a single code composed in turn of several pieces of different lengths for each tray according to the machine model.


The partitions offer the opportunity to divide the tray along the Y axis (height). These elements are as long as the depth of the tray and have different heights, based on the height of the tray side or any rise. It is not allowed to have separators higher or lower than the tray side in which they are installed.


The dividers fit between the partitions and the slotted tray walls and are used to divide the compartments along the X axis (width). They are available in different length and height sizes.

Tray extension

The tray extension allow to raise the side of the tray on which they are installed, thus making it possible to store higher loads or loose materials that could otherwise come out of the trays. The tray extension can be easily installed on any tray and can also be added at a later time. They are also supplied in kits consisting of a number of pieces based on the size of the tray.

Partitions, dividers, tray extensions and slotted tray walls