Saba Agriservice

Modula warehouse management system for the agriculture industry

Saba Agriservice is a company in the province of Siena, operating for over 30 years in the mechanised agriculture sector.

Product traceability and more efficient picking with Modula vertical automated warehouses

Before Modula arrived, the parts and spare parts were stored on traditional shelves, with problems involving the ground space they took up and the difficulty the workers had removing them.

The company was oriented towards an automated system that would lead to a reliable product traceability and increase storage quality and orderliness.

8 ML75D systems, 5300 mm tall.

Every Modula has:
– 34 drawers that can individually hold 750 kg.
– A laser pointer that indicates the exact position of the item to be removed.
– A sliding console, which helps the operator during intense picking operations.

Saba Agriservice entrusted Modula WMS Premium with managing their warehouse.
The Modula Cloud checking system was installed to increase warehouse performance.