Modula warehouse management system for the automotive industry

LE.MA is a company that has been a national and international leader in the production and supply of rubber spare parts since 1969 – high quality metal and gaskets for all major European truck and bus brands.

Greater safety for operators and stored goods with Modula automated systems

Before relying on Modula products, in LE.MA the problems were related to the limits of space now reached by the structure and to safety of operators and stock items. The company has decided to dismantle hundreds of square meters of traditional warehouse shelves to install an automated system that allows you to work at the “man level”.

The positive results were immediately visible. No more stairs to reach the pieces needed to finalize the order and picking operations have become decidedly simpler and safer for those who work in LEMA.

The problems related to space have been solved: the development of vertical warehouses has allowed the recovery of 90% of the ground surface. The operator simply has to enter a code on the touch screen and the system brings the drawer to eye level.

Copilot has completely eliminated paper lists: all requests are digitized and sorted by the software which also logs the in/out movements requested to the machines. The LED bar allows you to identify the requested item without wasting time. Finally, the speeding up of picking operations has allowed LE.MA to increase turnover.