LKQ Czech Republic

Modula warehouse management system for the automotive industry

LKQ is a distributor of spare parts and accessories for cars and truck. It’s present with several locations throughout the Czech Republic.

In addition it has also an e-commerce.

The space inside the warehouse was not optimized. The goods were not tracked and it was difficult to identify exactly the position. It was necessary to implement a system to speed up the shipments of goods.

10 Modula Lift automated warehouses to optimize the available space

Now LKQ has 10 Modula MX50D that optimize the available space.

For warehouse management was chosen Modula WMS Premium. It provides:

– automatic item-compartment allocation and dynamic location management;
– batch management;
– full management with custom tracking of automatic import/export;
– material status management;
– pack type management;
– expiry date management;
– advanced user management via configuration of authorised procedures for each individual user;
– materials management by FIFO (First In First Out) or by sub-code priority;
– justification management for immediate requests;

It has also integrated the following options:
– put to light, allows operators to increase the number of order lines they can process simultaneously;
– picking carts, a mobile trolley with various picking positions.