Romana Diesel

Modula warehouse management system for the automotive industry

Romana Diesel was established more than 80 years ago.

It is the largest Iveco dealership in the world currently supporting companies operating  in the transport of freight and people as well as in the agriculture and earth moving sectors.

They provide a full range of post-sale assistance for all the brands we sell and our RD PARTS structure distributes original  Iveco spare parts throughout our reference market.

With the assistance of the Modula sales department they decided  to install 10 Modula vertical storage systems  in their warehouse in Rome as part of the complete overhaul of our Rome HUB, replacing the 1,800 square meter  traditional 3-storey mezzanine structure  with a significant reduction in the footprint.

More than 12,000 different items,  more than 50% of the part numbers stocked in Rome, with an average stock of around 70,000 pieces.