SGR Società Generale Ricambi

Modula warehouse management system for the automotive industry

SGR – Società Generale Ricambi is the most important company that deals in Italy with spare parts for motorcycles and scooters.

Faster order preparation with Modula automated vertical warehouses

The need for SGR was clear from the start: to solve physical limits related to the size of the moanings in the face of an increase in productivity. With Modula a lot of ground space has been recovered and the order preparation actions have been drastically speeded up.

With the 8 Modula working at the same time, SGR achieved a double goal. All the items in the warehouse were concentrated inside the machines, freeing hundreds of square meters of space on the ground. Secondly, before the arrival of the Modula, the time needed to prepare an order was 60 seconds to take, whereas today with the automated drawer system it is 7.5 seconds. Everything is within reach and operators no longer have to waste time looking for products on the shelves. The Copilot shows, with its touch screen, the customer’s order with the quantity to be picked up and the order allocation pitch. The led bar works together with the Copilot and both show where the item of interest is, simplifying the operator’s manual movements. At all times the operators know how many and which pieces are stored and all the picking actions are monitored and recorded by the software.