Modula warehouse management system for the building and construction industry

The Fassi industrial group designs and builds cranes: starting from the sheet metal up to the finished and ready-to-use vehicle.

The production line is organized into component production workshops, crane assembly and final testing plants and a centralized logistics centre which manages and automates the storage of vehicles and spare parts.

The vehicles built by Fassi are the result of the collaboration and sharing of resources between 5 companies and 11 plants distributed throughout Italy, with dealers who stand out worldwide for their expertise.

Exploit the height of the building with Modula automatic warehouses

Fassi’s need was to expand the warehouse capacity of spare parts for the cranes, destined for shipment in Italy and abroad.

The storage methods used up to that point were shelving and chests of drawers. However, the intuition of using vertical space intelligently proved to be a winning choice given the current high picking flow and above all due to the constant growth of Fassi’s business.

The 6 Modula Lifts installed have replaced most of the traditional tools and storage methods, increasing operator safety, thanks to the ergonomic workstations and to the sliding Copilot console which accompanies the operators during intensive picking operations.

The console can be moved close to the pick-up point along the entire length of the bay. The alphanumeric LED bar installed on the upper part of the bay communicates the section of the drawer involved in the picking action, but also the quantity, code, description of the items to be deposited/withdrawn and their position on the X axis .