Inox Design

Modula warehouse management system for the building and construction industry

Inox Design born in 2001 in Monguelfo (BZ), boasts a long experience in the construction of facades and interior and exterior furnishings. Thanks to the most modern technologies, the company offers a wide range of stainless steel products at an excellent quality/price ratio.

A particular solution for Inox Design: an external insulation to recover space in the warehouse

Inox Design was looking for a functional solution to the limited spaces in the production area, to store the finished products ensuring high picking and pouring performance, to respond quickly and efficiently to its customers.

The solution was an 11,900 mm high Modula ML75D vertical warehouse installed in a 7,500 mm building.

Thanks to external insulation in the remaining 4,400 mm, the Modula is able to store over 290 m2 in just 15 m2, guaranteeing Inox Design maximum recovery of space and a reduction in order preparation times.

Furthermore, thanks to the motorized automatic door, the material is stored in an environment sheltered from external agents.