Modula warehouse management system for the electronic and software industry

Polar is a leader in the study and development of electromechanical products.

It boasts extensive experience in the production of electronic ballasts for all types of fluorescent lamps, transformers for halogen lamps, ignitors for iodide lamps and in the assembly and construction of electrical panels and complete automated cutting lines.

Free up floor space thanks to Modula automatic vertical warehouses

Polar stored the material on racks and on the floor, creating considerable movement difficulties for operators and a high risk of damage to the products.

Based on this situation, the company had three needs: free up floor space, secure materials, improve the ergonomics of the workstation.

The inclusion of the Modula immediately brought about a considerable improvement in the Polar warehouse: the vertical structure made it possible to free up space on the ground, thanks to the picking bays and man height warehouse.

In this way, the goods, in addition to being ordered and perfectly safe, are easily recoverable and the operators can carry out their duties without risk. All through a single made in Italy solution with low costs.