Ferramenta Gruppi

Modula warehouse management system for the fasteners and fittings industry

Ferramenta Gruppi is a distributor of hardware and tool products.

The company manages hundreds of orders and requests from hardware stores and large-scale distribution companies distributed throughout Italy every day.

The main need was to insert some automatic warehouses which would allow to multiply the space available for storage and manage orders through an IT but simple interface.

Increasing storage space, optimizing order management: the solution of Modula vertical storage systems

The purchase of 10 Modula vertical warehouses is the answer that Ferramenta Gruppi has given itself to solve storage problems and space management.

The area dedicated to the warehouse of goods has been exploited in height, thus multiplying the space available on the ground.

Orders are currently managed from an ergonomic workstation that brings the goods to the operator, significantly increasing the speed of order disposal and, consequently, the productivity of the entire company.