Ferramenta El Mama

Modula warehouse management system for the fasteners and fittings industry

Ferramenta El Mama was born at the end of the 19th century and, since then, has established itself as a point of reference for all companies and craftsmen in Val di Fiemme and beyond.

On the occasion of the opening of the new headquarters, just outside the city centre, “El Mama” hardware store was looking for a flexible solution capable of integrating perfectly within a four-storey building, making the most of the available space and facilitating the operations of procurement of materials and products sold at retail.

Store all small parts in a single point with Modula automatic warehouses

Modula proved to be the ideal solution to meet the specific needs of El Mama. With an 11-metre vertical automatic warehouse, the company was able to store all the small parts (using all the floors of the building) in a single warehouse.

Thanks to the second bay at a height, the Modula ML75D connects the shop to the underlying warehouse, guaranteeing a fast and precise service to hardware customers.

Thanks to the installation of the Modula, Ferramenta El Mama has managed to confirm itself as a technological reference point in the Val di Fiemme.