Conad Nord Ovest

Modula warehouse management system for the food & beverage and large-scale distribution industry

Conad Nord Ovest is a large-scale distribution cooperative based in Cagliari.

Over the years it has bought 15 Modula warehouses with which it has been able to:

  • storing over 35% of the assortment inside the warehouses on 5% of the warehouse surface
  • manage over 4,000 packages a day
  • serving more than 50 points of sale a day.

Speed up order preparation with the Modula vertical storage system

The Modula vertical systems have made it possible to reduce the space used for storage, the errors associated with picking and to speed up preparation considerably of orders.

“The picking of the goods takes place in an absolutely simple way, without errors and the management of flows is connected to the WMS system of vertical warehouses” says Roberto Pau, Logistics Manager, who was the promoter of this innovation.

“With Modula, the approach to managing goods has changed and the physical effort of the operators has been reduced. The focal point is the physical well-being of people” declare the operators who are now working on the vertical warehouses.

The most interesting part is the improvement of ergonomics of those who work and the possibility of minimizing the risks for people who work in the warehouse given that, as never before, well-being of personnel represents a priority for companies and automation, in this sense, is an effective and safe lever.