Gruppo Bertolaso

Modula warehouse management system for the food & beverage and large-scale distribution industry

Since 1880 the Bertolaso ​​group has been involved in the design, construction, installation, start-up and assistance of integrated machines and systems for bottling dedicated to the world of wine, spirits and fruit drinks.

Modula automated vertical warehouses for enslavement of the production line

Within the production plants, the structured management of the warehouse was necessary for the enslavement of production with a higher organizational level, better product traceability and a reduction in warehouse employees.
With Modula it was possible to enlarge the production area by reducing the storage space and therefore the warehouse. In addition to reducing the space required and the warehouse staff, the dedicated Modula WMS software has allowed an increase in efficiency with total product traceability. The operators easily learned the operation of the touch screen console with which to manage all the drawers and the interface with other software in the warehouse.