Kuehne + Nagel

Modula warehouse management system for the logistic and 3PL industry

Kuehne + Nagel, with over 125 years of history, is the second 3PL in the world, with 60,000 employees and a warehouse area of ​​3,500,000 m² worldwide. It provides integrated logistics solutions of high quality and operational excellence, covering all product sectors, from automotive to aviation, from retail to chemical, from food to fashion. In France, in one of the many sites they own, they have a warehouse of 86,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units, or the identification code of an item managed in the warehouse) in total.

Put to Light system increased Kuehne + Nagel productivity by 100%

In Kuehne + Nagel France it is essential to respect the daily deadlines. The storage, the preparation of the orders, the shipment, all must take place by 8 pm, to allow the distributors to deliver home before 8 am the following day. Before the purchase of the Modula, orders were managed manually, using the Batch Picking principle; the operators went in search of the products, which were collected all at once and then divided them later in the various orders.

By switching to Modula automated vertical warehouses, Kuehne + Nagel increased productivity by 100%, with 600 orders per day. To do this, Kuehne + Nagel has installed 2 Modula ML25D, connected to a Put to Light system that allows you to prepare up to 40 orders simultaneously. The Batch Picking method that they previously used, in fact, is ideal for a few orders with many lines each. In Kuehne + Nagel, on the other hand, where orders are many, but small in size, the Put to Light system, which manages orders separately, has considerably increased performance.