Modula warehouse management system for the mechanical industry



Energostar, a leading company in the Baltics for the assembly and sale of heavy industrial equipment, was faced with challenges related to the storage and retrieval of parts and components for the production and after-sales teams.

Energostar chooses two Modula automated warehouses for the storage of mechanical components

To meet the challenges, Energostar implemented two Modula automatic warehouses outside its warehouse.

By using the Modula, Energostar achieved significant advantages. The consolidation of all components in one area allowed faster retrieval of parts, streamlining the process of picking and assembling heavy industrial equipment for both production and after-sales teams. The result was increased efficiency, reduced errors and improved overall productivity. Furthermore, the external installation of the automated warehouses proved to be a space-saving solution, allowing Energostar to recover almost 90% of its storage space.

In addition, the implementation of Modula Green, a special inverter that generates energy from the movement of the Modula, brought further benefits. Energostar was able to reduce energy costs while maintaining the optimal functionality and performance of the VLMs.