Modula is a warehouse with a very low energy consumption, less than 1.2kWh. However, it is possible to improve energy performance with a particular option, developed by our team.

It is Modula Green and can be installed on any Modula warehouse, it works by recovering the energy that the Modula develops during the descent phase to accumulate it in a special device and reuse it in the lift ascent phase.

The fundamental element of the Modula Green is a special inverter which, placed between the main switch of the machine and the electrical panel, acts as an energy stabilizer when the vertical axis motor controls the lift phase, and as a generator when the motor of the vertical axis is in the descent phase, the electricity produced is fed back into the customer’s network.

Modula Green is therefore able to generate energy from the descending movement of the elevator which would otherwise be dispersed in the form of heat on the relative braking resistors.

The fundamental principle that allows this recovery is based on the DC-BUS technology common to the various inverters.

A way to save and be more eco-friendly.