Gruppo CMS

Modula warehouse management system for the mechanical industry

The Gruppo CMS was founded in 1975 and operates in the field of mechanical construction and processing for third parties. Currently it is made up of 7 companies and 14 plants located between Marano sul Panaro, Vignola and Modena and since 2013 it is present with a production plant in China.

Centralize the warehouse with Modula vertical technologies

Following the increase in requests from various customers, the Gruppo CMS has chosen to centralize the warehouse that was previously divided between the various shelves of all the plants, in a single logistics area so as to reduce the procurement times of the materials.

Since 2012, the Gruppo CMS has relied on Modula’s technologies, in all its departments: from the assembly department where the various components of automatic machines and spare parts are stored, to the machine tool department where Modula vertical warehouses are used to store semi-finished products and various tools. Thanks to the recovery of space due to the Modula warehouses, the Gruppo CMS has managed to create new workstations, quickly and optimally served thanks to the help of Modula WMS software interfaced with the SAP business system.