Modula warehouse management system for the mechanical industry

The MAV company, for over 15 years, has specialized in the design and production of shaft-hub friction connection units. Depending on the working environment and the loads to be transmitted, it is able to make the product with the most suitable material.

Modula, the quick, intuitive, secure and organized storage system

Having a large range of products, of different materials and dimensions, MAV was looking for a fast, intuitive, safe and organized storage system, which would allow its operators to fulfil the you order accurately and on time.

The joint installation of two Modula Lifts and a Modula Sintes1.7 concretely solved the company’s problems.

In particular, the Led bar installed on the upper part of the operator bay now allows you to identify more quickly the correct compartment involved in the picking operation, thus reducing errors and times. While the automatic door guarantees greater safety of the stored materials, protecting them from any external agent.