Centro Utensili Milano

Modula warehouse management system for the metallurgical and steel industry

Centro Utensili is a Milanese company that has been present for over 40 years on the market of metal cutting tools, with chip removal for industrial applications.

The company offers precision tools for metalworking which include solutions of all types.

The main problem encountered was the over 22,000 references, distributed in three different areas and floors of the company, to be managed daily in unloading-loading and processing. To obtain a high standard of service, the company wanted to optimize routes.

How to reduce the percentage of errors with Modula automatic vertical warehouses

With the installation of the 4 Modulas, around 300 cubic meters of warehouse were saved, unifying the storage of tools in a single area.

The percentage of errors has been reduced by 70% also thanks to the installed Modula WMS software, which allows real-time management of the Modula via an interconnection between the dedicated server and the company management system.

To support the WMS activity, Modula Cloud has also been set up, the control and diagnostic system that allows remote access to technical information on warehouses.

Each Modula is equipped with a two-axis Laser Pointer which signals the material to be moved through the intersection of a red holographic line and a green spot.