Blu Plast

Modula warehouse management system for the packaging industry

Blu Plast is a manufacturer of customized flexible packaging that, in a short time, has carved out an important slice of the market in the field of polyethylene packaging and customized products that guarantee the customer the possibility to range on various alternatives ensuring his full satisfaction.

The company is equipped with the latest extrusion and coextrusion technologies for the production of polyethylene blown films and a multilayer pilot plant for internal tests.

Maximize the space inside the plant with Modula automatic vertical warehouses

Blu Plast’s need was to store in a precise, organized and computerized way, 70,000 photosensitive technopolymer clichés used by the production department.

The need arose for a customized project that would maximize the vertical space available.

With the installation of the Modula, Blu Plast has solved the double problem of maximizing space inside the plant and precise storage of the clichés (with the maintenance of their physical characteristics, with accurate protection from light and dust).

The Modula was also the solution for the safe storage of machine spare parts inside the warehouse: operators are equipped with passwords that authorize differentiated access based on different responsibilities.