Modula warehouse management system for the packaging industry

Maca is a company that successfully operates in the packaging market using medium and high definition flexographic technology, guaranteeing a printed product with outstanding quality features and greater flexibility possible, at low cost even for small to medium runs.

This technology makes it possible to offer custom-designed packaging and optimized according to their purpose (economic, aesthetic, graphic, technical, conservation, etc.).

Create space for production with Modula automatic vertical warehouses

Maca stocked 80,000 flexographic printing plates on traditional and compactable shelves that occupied over 200 m2 of floor space.

These particular molds need to stay away from light sources, so the storage area could not also be used for other activities. With the increase in requests from its customers, Maca needed to obtain additional space for production.

Modula has successfully proposed its ML25D vertical warehouse, installed outdoors and contained in a paneling that guarantees the storage of the molds in the dark. With this solution, Maca was able to free up all the internal space and create new workstations for production.

Using the badge reader and the Modula WMS BASE PLUS software, Maca is able to control access to the warehouse and trace all movements inside.