LAV.EL. Gomma

Warehouse automation for the Plastic industry

Founded by the Lavelli brothers in 1973, LAV.EL. Gomma produces industrial rubber gaskets for water, gas and air, managing all aspects of its activities in-house. The use of advanced technology equipment, including horizontal injection presses and vertical compression presses, and finishing and quality control equipment, enables the production of type-approved rubber products, including Orings, membranes, frames and washers.

Improve work organization with Modula automated warehouses

The client requested advice on Modula to try and resolve the problem of storing the moulds it uses for rubber processing. The initial request was for a logistics solution for the storage of parts which could improve process management.

The installation of the Modula MC 75 system immediately saved space: moulds are now stored by making use of the height of the building. The speed of operations has increased as well as the picking speed, while improving operator safety and the security of the stored moulds.