Modula warehouse management system for the pneumatic and hydraulic industry

Festo, world leader in the automation sector, has always been a point of reference in the hydraulic and pneumatic field.

The solutions it has developed in various industrial sectors, and for the most diverse applications, are based on a profound know-how gained through partnerships with numerous customers all over the world. Globally active Festo has a branch in India: Festo India Private Limited.

Store heavy material safely and easily with Modula automatic vertical warehouses

At its Bangalore plant, Festo produces sensors, valves, pneumatics and electromechanical guides, all components used in automation. The material to be stored here is multifaceted, with differences in weight, dimensions and measurements.

From small components to final products (such as molds and heavy tools) everything had to be stored in racks and manual warehouses, even the heaviest items.

Thanks to Modula the customer was able to storage the material and the heaviest pieces in a safe and simple way, protecting the activity of the operators and guaranteeing the ergonomics of their activity.

The Modula warehouse has been equipped with WMS Driver with which it connects to the TDM Software, generating highly advanced flow management and correct communication between the company ERP and the warehouse.