Power Hydraulics

Modula warehouse management system for the pneumatic and hydraulic industry

Power Hydraulics is a company specialized for 20 years in the construction of hydraulic constructions for various industrial sectors. He designs effective solutions and is able to successfully tackle important and ambitious projects for companies all over the world.

The company is ISO 9001 certified and the fields of application range from the energy sector, to oil and gas, to the steel industry and many others.

Goods always under control with Modula automatic storage systems

The company’s goal was to bring the quality of storage to a higher level, previously organized on shelves, and to control the movement of products.

The Power Hydraulics problem was also connected to the space and dispersion present in the storage area for goods and spare parts available to the production department.

With the introduction of the Modula Lift MX75, the saving of space on the ground was immediately visible. Pieces and products that previously occupied cubic meters of shelving were placed inside the automatic warehouse.