Manifatture del Nord

Modula warehouse management system for the textile, clothing and accessories industry

Manifatture Del Nord was founded in 1986 in Reggio Emilia and is part of the famous Max Mara Fashion Group.

Complex management of small parts and an high rotation accessories with Modula automated solutions

For its Reggio warehouse, where fabrics, accessories and details are managed and controlled, the use of Modula vertical technology has enabled a space saving of 95% freeing the shelves of the old manual warehouse and allowing a much simpler and faster management to the full advantage of operators and logistics, whose work was rather complex and subject to a large margin of error.

In the last 17 years Modula have become 9 that help the company in the daily picking of the warehouse with accuracy and precision.

Every piece of haute couture deserves the best accessories and the absence of errors is fundamental in development.