Modula Warehouse Management System for the Aerospace industry

Which is the cost of remaindered stocks of Aircraft Parts?

It is estimated that the cost of remaindered stocks of Aviation Materials is around 25% of total maintenance costs where these represent 10% of total operating costs. Serving your clients from more than one warehouse is less efficient than with a single warehouse where the variability of orders reduces as stock aggregation increases.

Inventory storage with Modula

Using Modula WMS warehouse management software, storage or Inventory Management becomes simple. It helps your company reduce costs and increase economic efficiency, improve workflows, reduce to a minimum the cost of remaindered stock in your warehouse and reduce the cost of fixed assets. Modula WMS maps the contents of your vertical warehouse by providing a real-time snapshot of your stock levels and your inventory, guaranteeing your company the ability to order products without ever having to send them to stock-out. It gives you electronic control over goods tracking which limits your dependence on suppliers and lets you control picking and refilling operations performed by your operators.

Modula for the management of your materials just in time

Modula is the automatic solution which is based on bills of materials and helps you distribute them. Your spare parts will arrive in the workshop in correct assortments, for assembly of one of more parts, and using this flow you can better manage a potential increase in supply rates. No more holdups in ordering raw materials, semi-finished products and in this case, finished products destined for the assembly line.


How does the material flow work with Modula?

In Modula warehouses, goods can be located very quickly, are protected, clean and above all tracked. Each picking and refilling operation is recorded via the operator's login, then saved and preserved. Each operation is linked to the inventory which is always up-to-date, and so the Software means you always know what you've got in your warehouse and what you haven't. All this translates into better customer service and greater production efficiency.


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