Modula celebrates 2017 results


Modula wraps up 2017 with an excellent result: almost 2200 machines sold.

The company of the group specialised in vertical warehouses can rely on a sales network that embraces more than 50 countries in all the continents of the world, with dealers and branches that grow in their respective markets by empowering the brand with products that are extremely popular in each country.

The strength of Modula lies in its ability to serve every segment of goods. Indeed, in 2017 alone, a large number of brands, including several household names, chose Modula to automate their warehouses: Kuehne Nagel, Safran, Manitou, Conad, Tosano, American Airlines, Lamborghini, Banque of France, Brembo, BMW, CNH, Florim, Ferrari, Michelin, Porsche, Siemens to name but a few.
This significant growth in sale was also matched in the production department of Modula, which underwent some important transformations last year.

Having opened its second facility dedicated to shipments (with no less than 7 Modulas in function), the assembly of engines and electrical panels, the transformation towards a 4.0 factory is continuing to take giant steps. Two new Salvagnini lines arrived: anthropomorphous robots with built-in viewing systems, a sander and other technologies linked to steel processing.

Modula has focused on verticalising the process, internalising many department to cover all the production phases, from raw material to finished product. The production is based on the principle of Lean Manufacturing, which aims to eliminate waste, and it functions based on a pull strategy: the customer “pull” the demand, in a perspective based on “assembly to order”.

The Modula Work Flow was also spotlighted by a special report on innovation by Il Sole 24 Ore, with a focus on production management and scheduling. A central control system and a personalised management software enable millions of different product variants to be planned. Each working warehouse is accompanied by precise indications that include the configuration of the product, which is then transported to its destination and broken down into elements that are subsequently assembled on the spot by specialised teams.

In Salvaterra, the 4.0 factory is already truly up and running!

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