100+1 uses of a Modula automatic vertical storage system

05 May 2023

Have you ever thought that by opting for an automated archiving system you could have your documents always at hand?

How many documents do you generate or receive in a year? How many of these do you keep in hard copy form?

Multiply this figure by 10 years, which is the average accounting records retention time. The result is a huge, messy, and space-consuming archive.

“After automating the entire warehouse with 40 Modula automated storage systems, I realized that it was time to reorganize the office. Looking at the 23rd pallet of folders stored in a remote location in the factory, I said enough is enough, and so we decided to install a Modula Lift system for archiving documents,” says Andrea Rani, the managing director of Net Seals, an Italian company that sells seals for hydraulic and pneumatic systems to more than 1000 customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

The solution is innovative and at the same time simple to implement: a Modula storage system with an overhead bay connecting two levels (warehouse and administrative office). In this way, documents are handled more efficiently, as the Modula acts just like a lift: a document is placed inside a folder on the ground floor and then sent to the employee waiting on the upper floor (watch the video)!

In addition, there is another, far more obvious advantage: the floor space occupied by shelves and cabinets is significantly reduced. And all documents are located in one and the same place, always accessible and managed by the Modula WMS software, which constantly keeps track of the stored items and of picking and placing operations.

So, the question “Where is the 2018 bill folder?” will be easily answered!