Put to Light and Modula: Fratelli Ceni optimizes order preparation

12 January 2022

Fratelli Ceni was established more than 30 years ago and today distributes more than 12.000 rubber and plastic products for the agricultural sector and the hardware industry in general.

The strong point of Fratelli Ceni is customer service: orders placed by 4:30 pm are delivered the next day.

“With our old storage system, it was impossible to guarantee these delivery times”, explains Giuseppe Ceni, CEO of Fratelli Ceni. “We had to find an alternative storage system, which could allow us to speed up order preparation. We understood immediately that Modula was the right solution for us.”

The company has now 5 Modula Lift ML75D that replaced the traditional shelves in its warehouse!

“The initial idea was to use Modula’s storage systems only for small parts or in any case for items with a low volume per unit”, continues Giuseppe Ceni. “However, considering the height of the individual trays in the Modula storage systems, we realized that even bigger items can easily be stored and thus we started thinking in terms of product picking frequency.”

Today, with our Modula storage systems, a single operator handles 33% of the picking processes. The picking time is significantly lower than that required by traditional racking systems.

Giuseppe Ceni concludes: “Looking at my Modula storage system, I can see how efficiently the goods are stored with just 4 or 5 centimeters between trays and I have a clear vision of where the company should go. Then I look back and see what our old racking system was, and still is, because we still have many pallet spaces, almost 7000, where the top of loaded pallets is even a few wasted meters from the shelf above.”