A Modula vertical automatic storage system for the Xi’An International Medical Center

09 January 2023

Why automate healthcare facilities with Modula?

Hospitals, private outpatient clinics, and nursing homes all have one main objective: they must guarantee very high standards of hygiene, with regards not only to the facilities, but also to the surgical instruments and equipment used.

In this sector the safety of stored material is very important, and it is here that Modula vertical automatic storage systems play a decisive role, averting possible risks such as:

  • Contamination
  • Degeneration
  • High temperatures
  • Tampering
  • Theft
  • Dust
  • Expiry of medicines
  • Light and heat sources

With vertical automatic storage systems, the products inside the vertical structures are protected from dust, external agents, light and heat sources.

The stored items are also safe from theft and damage, in fact, every withdrawal and picking action can be managed through specific logins. In this way, access to individual trays can also be denied to users without specific credentials.

With the Modula WMS software it is possible to keep track of all inbound and outbound items, facilitating greater inventory control.

A Modula customized configuration for the Xi’An International Medical Center in China

The Xi’An International Medical Center, located in the Hi-Tech Development Zone of Xi’An, officially began operating in July 2019.

They installed a Modula MA25 vertical storage system between the sterilization department supply room and the operating room to manage surgical instruments.

The structure, 14 meters tall, was installed between the second and the fourth floor: the surgical material from the sterilization department is located on the second floor, while the picking bays are located on the third and fourth floors.

The storage system is equipped with 60 trays that move up and down according to the needs.

The Modula WMS is connected to the hospital’s internal management system and operates based on the requests from the operating room.

With Modula, the Xi’An International Medical Center has achieved its goal: to be at the forefront as regards international hospital standards.