How can you improve your warehouse's performances with Modula? The Came case


Came is a multinational based near Treviso, Italy, which develops integrated technological solutions for the automation of residential, public and urban locations.
It decided to call in Modula about a year ago to improve the performances of its logistics hub and increase its warehouse's capacity. Came had already installed 10 competitor vertical warehouses, but decided to switch to Modula because our solutions would enable it to store the same quantity of goods with just 8 machines.

Why is Modula the ideal solution?

1) It uses the Eagle toothed belt, the state of the art in Lift systems. It operates with very little noise, does not require lubrication, is reliable and strong and needs only minimal maintenance.
2) With Modula Lift a single tray has a payload of 990 Kg . The load is always balanced even if the tray is unevenly loaded, and thanks to the external bay it is easily integrated with all picking systems (such as manipulators or zero-weight lifting devices)
3) It has a variety of bay configurations. Internal and external bay, with single or dual delivery levels, standard, oversize or supersize unit heights.
4) It provides unique visual aids. One example? Our laser pointer works by intersecting a red laser beam with a green dot, uniquely identifying the product required. You can also integrate it with alphanumeric indicators on the alphanumerical LED bar positioned exactly at eye-level.
5) Modula is a sound company with over 30 years of experience, which has made innovation its mission. Each year it invests 5% of turnover in research and development aimed at finding continuously new solutions to respond to the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace.
6) Stylish, Italian design, 4 steel uprights fitted with lightweight sheet steel panels to facilitate maintenance.

Which solution did Came choose?

Now Came has 8 Modula ML50D machines with height of 11 metres, exploiting the full height of the building.

Jeder dieser Modula setzt sich zusammen aus:

Every Modula comprises:
- opposed (back to back) bays; side 1 two external bays, side 2 one internal bay;
- sliding console, helping the operator during intensive picking operations;
- LED bar, for precise, clear indication of the section of the tray used for the picking/placing operation;
- laser pointer, for precise indication of the product for picking via two intersecting lines;
- automatic door, increasing security and cleanliness for the products stored;

Modula also integrated perfectly with an external goods handling system.

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