How to store electronic material with Modula automatic storage systems?

04 March 2022

The most critical issue for companies storing electronic components is related to the need to store these materials safely and in a clean environment. With the solutions developed by Modula, such components can be stored in trays, protected against dust and dirt, and are not exposed to dangerous or potentially damaging substances. Companies can thus guarantee high quality standards with no need to implement other measures.

A much appreciated feature for electronic components is the possibility to install an electrostatic discharge ESD protection system to protect all components from possible electrical discharges. Moreover, with the electrified trays, which can be integrated only on Modula Lift models, it is possible to electrically power the trays and therefore the material contained in them (rechargeable lamps, computers, radios, etc.).

A company in the electronics sector which has successfully opted for automatic vertical storage systems is the Éolane Group. Since July 2021, Éolane has been using six Modula storage systems, mainly to store electronic components such as SMT coils, PCBs, and special packaging materials.

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