Lyreco choose Modula automated warehouses

24 June 2022

Lyreco have chosen Modula as their preferred supplier of vertical storage solutions for their facility at Barsinghausen in Germany.

Their requirements were for a solution which was able to solve 2 “substantial problems” within their warehouse: an urgent requirement to free up valuable space, and the need to create better ergonomic conditions for their picking staff.

The installation of the Modula VLM systems has surpassed their expectations. The quantity of items held in stock has more than doubled in the past few years and the Modula Lifts have provided the required additional capacity by utilising the available height within the building.

The operators are also delighted with the improvements, as the Modula Lifts allow them to operate in a more ergonomically safe way, helping them to work quicker, without compromising their safety, which in turn leads to improved efficiencies in productivity. The ease with which the Modula VLM systems were integrated with the current picking systems was also a major benefit, as there was no disruption to the process.

The operation of the Modula automated vertical warehouses is simple and intuitive, with laser pointer and alphanumeric displays guiding the picker to the correct part to be picked, helping to eliminate picking errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

In summary, the installation of Modula VLM’s has met all of Lyreco’s expectations and provided the improvements necessary for the growth of their business.