Modula Climate Control: the advantages of Lift technology with the benefit of temperature control

16 May 2022

Those who work in sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, chemical or electronics sector look for automated solutions that facilitate access to SKU codes while meeting the need to access a high number of items on the one hand and to make the most of the available space on the other. In addition, the regulations in these sectors are often stringent and specific equipment and structures are required for the storage of certain goods.

Modula Climate Control was designed to store materials that are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and therefore require careful control of storage conditions to prevent deterioration.

By maintaining the advantages and functionalities of our standard Modula Lift automatic vertical storage system, we have expanded the range of possible applications, making its operation even more flexible.

Fresh food logistics is often used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, and also in the chemical, plastic, electronic and leather industries. Cooling involves energy expenditure and cost and it is advisable not to disperse heat.

Whether we are talking about manufacturing industries or about distribution, security is a top priority in warehouse design and it is fundamental in keeping products and / or components under tight control and to track their history.

Designed for storing materials in environments subject to variations in temperature, where the accurate control of storage conditions is therefore necessary in order to prevent the interruption of the cold chain or deterioration of the stored materials.

Thus, Modula CC was engineered to guarantee an efficient storage environment with controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Modula CC offers an operating temperature range from +2°C to +25°C (±1°C), with a relative humidity control ≥ 5%.