Modula International Sales Meeting 2019


At a time when automation and the virtual world seem to take over, for those of us at Modula, human relations, discussion and team work are still fundamental.

This was the inspiration for the 6th edition of the International Sales Meeting, held on 11 and 12 November in Suzhou, China, where Modula China Automation Equipment is located, the third Modula production plant.

As always, the meeting was the ideal opportunity for sharing goals, results, new challenges and updates of the Modula world.

All our dealers were there, now are more than 100, spread across all continents.

It was a unique occasion for analysing the past year’s results and “launch” new challenges and sales objectives for the upcoming year. But not just that: it was also a time for sharing the view of the market and the economy, our market shares and those of our competitors, keeping up to date with new developments and innovations in the offer and/or the company, and sharing marketing tools and strategies.

Our CEO and Market Operations Director, Massimiliano Gigli, Alice Bellelli, Marketing Manager, Director of Customer Care, Andrea Ronconi and the Service Sales Manager, Fontanesi Antonio all spoke on stage.

The focus then shifted to software, with a presentation of Put to Light and Modula Cloud, presented by our Software Sales Managers, Gianluca Grandi and Luca Malaguti.

But the key moment was, as always, the group activities.

Team building and motivation have always been synonymous with team spirit, allowing us to learn and get to know each other better and cooperate, but most of all to share Modula values.

In keeping with our host country, we worked in groups to bring a spectacular Dragon Dance to life, starting with sheets of paper and finally creating dance steps.

Opportunities for face-to-face meetings in an organised speed date format, with various representatives from the parent company, allowed us to explore topics related to software, sales, new tools in the digital world to get to know the apps that Modula has created to support Sales Managers.


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