Modula Safety Man


A very important project has started in Modula: the "Safety Man".
What is it?
It is a project created to promote assertive communication among colleagues, enhancing the key people and fully adhering to the indications of the European Agency for health at work.
In recent years there have been clear improvements in the field of safety but not enough.
This is the reason why Modula decided to undertake this new project together with its employees, trying to bring the concept of safety into everyday life, making it an important part of the company's operations.
So what is Modula's solution? Train some supervisors and employees involved in a process of auditing focused on the search for non-compliant behavior and based on the ability to communicate with colleagues. These figures, the safety man for the note, will have to interview their peers trying to promote open dialogue. The positive ideas, the negative ones, the advice, the doubts, in short all the reports of the workers will be collected in a database that will be used to find solutions to common problems.
The key points of a Safety Man are: being selective, knowing exactly what to observe, keeping an open mind, not falling into routine and familiarity, not being limited to a general impression and always taking note of everything observed. The priority objective will no longer be to give instructions but to increase communication within the company by developing the critical sense of every worker.

Safety Man


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