Modula the supportive company: a vehicle for Aut Aut Reggio Emilia

03 February 2023

With Modula there is room for everything, even for projects of the heart!

A few months ago we were asked to take part in the “Solidarity Transport Project” promoted by Aut Aut Reggio Emilia, which will provide a new van equipped to transport people with disabilities or reduced mobility to enable them to follow the many new activities promoted by the association.
We joined with pleasure, always aware that supporting our territory and local associations is one of the duties that our company has towards the community and that we feel is ours.

Our area is increasingly in need of these initiatives, precisely because logistically it is not easy to serve and local transport is more complex than in the city.

The inauguration of the vehicle took place on Thursday, 2 February, and was attended by one of our managing directors, Giovanni Cariani.

Our commitment is just a small step that is part of Modula’s sustainability project: we should not only talk about Green Economy but also and above all about people’s well-being and inclusiveness.