Redesigning your factory layout with Modula vertical storage systems

24 July 2023

There are numerous reasons to reorganize your warehouse using Modula automated storage systems, which offer the following benefits:

  • The space saved by Modula vertical storage systems means you’ll be able to add new production lines without having to buy or lease a new building.
  • All operators will be able to retrieve the items they need extremely quickly, with a prompt, error-free order preparation process.
  • Advanced recognition systems ensure that only authorized members of staff are able to access the storage systems.
  • Modula storage systems can be equipped with accessories designed to boost productivity or – as is the case with the ESD Protection System – prevent electrostatic discharges from coming into contact with operators.

All of this is fully appreciated by Inim Electronics, which is one of the companies that have decided to redesign the layout of their factories using Modula vertical storage solutions. The electric components of the cutting-edge fire and intruder alarms produced by Inim Electronics are stored in the trays with which Modula’s systems are equipped.

Here’s what we were told by Emanuele Lattanzi, Inim’s Manufacturing Manager.

“Choosing Modula really paid off, because it enabled us to put the principles of lean manufacturing into practice in our warehouse management. We saved space by reducing the surface area covered by shelving by 65%.

Using the space we gained, we were able to rearrange the layout of our production departments and add new equipment and production lines. We keep reels in the four Modula Slim systems installed in the circuit boards department and we store other electronic components, assembled printed circuit boards and testing materials in two Modula Lift systems.”

Watch the video and contact us to ask for free advice about reorganizing your warehouse!