Skoda Titan Desert Almería: a new adventure for our Spanish colleagues

20 September 2023

This year our colleagues from the Spanish branch, Diego Cuevas Guijarro, Izan Palomino García and Hector Doñate Martin, will participate in the challenges of the Skoda Titan Desert Almería 2023. The competition will take place on 7, 8, 9 and 10 October and is the fourth edition organised by RPM SPORTS.

It will have a total of four stages, with a distance of 337 kilometres and more than 6,000 metres of elevation gain around the Tabernas desert.

All of us at Modula have seen how well prepared our colleagues are and we want to send them our support and encouragement for the upcoming race. We hope they enjoy the cycling adventure they are so passionate about and all the experiences it offers: the race, the companionship, the overcoming and the beauty of the contrast between the coast of Almeria and the Tabernas desert.

We are sure they will overcome the Skoda Titan Desert Almeria 2023 challenge in the best possible way!