Smartphoto: the Modula VLMs achieve unprecedented speeds. 800 orders per hour per Lift!

01 September 2022

Smartphoto is one of the most important European players in the sector of digital photo processing.
Smartphoto sends up to 2.7 million packages of personalised products each year, from photo books to the most diverse gifts and home decor, to customers all over Europe.
Smartphoto was looking for a logistics partner who could find an answer to their most complex challenges.

Their logistics process is up and running, with two vertical lifts, a sorter and conveyors.
The Modula Lifts achieve unprecedented speeds.
During peak periods, 800 orders per hour per Lift are processed.

The production (second floor) was connected to the packaging on the ground floor via two Modula Lifts.
Inbound tray openings were installed on one side of the lifts at an ergonomic height, allowing production to put the finished products directly into the lift.
The products then go through the outbound tray openings on the other side of the lifts to the ground floor, where they are sorted by order using the pigeonhole system.
Finally, they go through to the packaging department.
This working method ensures a maximum number of multipicks per tray.

An ingenious and efficient logistical process, designed and installed by Vanas.