The telescopic bay: the best solution to manage heavy materials in the Modula VLMs


Ergonomics is an aspect which cannot be underestimated in a warehouse.

The Modula automated vertical storage systems have significantly improved life at work. The operator, in fact, no longer needs to reach the goods using ladders, mezzanine floors or lift trucks, since the goods are transported to the bay: this picking mode is called goods to man.

With Modula the operator can maintain a correct posture for the entire picking step, with no need to bend, especially when the material to be lifted is heavy.

The Modula vertical storage system can be customized with different configurations for the picking and placing bays.

For example, the external bay offers a highly ergonomic environment, since it can be used in combination with bridge cranes o mechanical handling devices to lift heavy objects.

Furthermore, in the cases where the footprint must be reduced to a minimum and an external bay would take up too much space, it is possible to install the telescopic bay.

With this accessory the trays can be extracted manually, and heavy materials can be comfortably loaded, even using hoisting systems.

The operating principle is simple: the tray is released using the special handle and then pulled out by means of two telescopic guides placed on the right and on the left.

The telescopic bay is the product of choice for Graw, a Polish manufacturer of measuring equipment and systems for the railway industry. Have a look at the video to discover all the advantages ensured by Modula in their Gliwice plant!


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