Modula Warehouse Storage and Picking Solutions

Our Modula automated warehouses are the ideal answer to all business needs, regardless of the product sector or the type of item to be stored.

Our product range includes automated vertical storage solutions, automated horizontal storage solutions and picking solutions to optimize order preparation.

Why choose an automated vertical warehouse?

Vertical storage solutions are perfect for making the most of the height of the buildings while saving floor space; are the ideal answer for an orderly, clean, safe and fast warehouse.

A vertical warehouse is composed of a sturdy steel structure that houses and supports the trays, a motorized central elevator to move them from the support shelves to the operator bays and one or more bays for picking up and pouring the materials.

Following the principle of goods to man, the goods are delivered to the operator in a perfectly ergonomic position.

Modula Lift was born over 30 years ago and thanks to its versatility, it is the best choice for storing products of different shapes, weights and sizes, in every sector and application.

Why choose a horizontal automated warehouse?

The horizontal carousel is an automated warehouse ideal for all intensive picking applications, both in the distribution and production fields or in environments where it is not possible to use vertical space due to height limitations.

The horizontal carousels can be installed in environments with particular geometries or in sites that are not completely clear of architectural obstacles and for this reason they have been designed to guarantee maximum installation flexibility.

Modula HC consists of a series of containers (bins) that rotate horizontally on a stainless steel track and bring the products ready for picking to the operator in the picking area according to the concept of goods to man.



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