Modula OnePick: the fully automated automatic vertical warehouse

With a new fully automated bay requiring no operators

Modula OnePick is a Modula Lift automated vertical warehouse with a special picking bay equipped with a Cartesian robot that moves on two axes (X and Y) to pick the goods from inside the warehouse independently and drop them off outside the picking bay, using its handling system.

The complex programming system means the clamps can move within the tray after input into the software, then picks up the exact item required.

Modula OnePick
Automatic bay requiring no operators
Payload of each tray: 990 kg
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The bay is set at a predefined height so it integrates seamlessly with rollers, conveyors, belts and other systems completely automatically, and can drop off onto them as set up in the software.

All you need to do is the map the tray during loading, resulting in automatic picking and avoiding human intervention if unnecessary.

When should Modula OnePick be used?

  • Automatic islands
  • Unhealthy, unsafe or lightless locations
  • For the storage of high-value materials or those that must not come into contact with operators
  • Inconvenient areas, those with limited access or far from the locations where the goods are required

Smart arrangement of the material to make picking efficient and flexible

OnePick trays are fitted with special options, such as partitions and dividers to organise the trays and provide complete freedom to store a wide range of boxes and containers, with full tracking possible.

These options make the materials layout highly flexible and most of all easy to modify. Scalable tray height offers optimised storage in the warehouse.

The warehouse therefore automatically checks the height of the incoming material and the spaces available inside, and positions the items to minimise the empty space between trays. As such, there is no “empty space” between trays.

Modula OnePick

Vertical and automatic warehouse: WMS is the heart of the OnePick warehouse

The operations of a Modula OnePick warehouse is based on the Modula WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, which maps the position of containers in the tray. The movement of the clamps inside the warehouse are guided by this mapping and independently pick the items required according to instructions in the Modula software.

Any automatic transport system can then convey the retrieved materials to another location, even if far away.

Modula OnePick is available with varying heights, lengths and tray depths

Specifically, the models include:

  • MA & MA-D
  • MC & MC-D
  • MX & MX-D
  • ML & ML-D
Modula OnePick

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