Warehouse organization is a major dilemma for many automotive industry firms. With all the accessories, spare parts and mechanical components required, it is all too easy to fill one, two or even three buildings.

The rental, running and maintenance of spaces are a huge cost burden for the business. With Modula automatic vertical warehouses, these costs will be drastically reduced.

Floor space savings, productivity gains

Modula can save up to 90% of floor space compared to conventional warehouses. The old shelving, ladders and platforms are thing of the past; with Modular, all material is stored in a single place where everything is traced and picking is quick and easy.

Modula can store a number of parts which would otherwise need dozens of shelving units. The space saved can be used for new functions, such as a new service department, a waiting-room, new offices … Insulated machines can be used, as in the case of Autovega!

But that’s not all: Modula can also be used to tend production lines! There are different types of vertical warehouses which vary in height, size, volume, accessories, bay types and tray configuration, depending on requirements. For example, this is Modula Lift, our top-of-the-range, suitable for storing any type of material, from the bulkiest articles right down to nuts and bolts.

A single tray can have a payload of up to 990 kg! Common sets of parts used for maintenance work can be stored in a single tray, slashing the times needed to access the parts required, so repairs and replacements can be completed much more quickly. This is why Lexus has decided to switch to a Modula vertical warehouse!

To achieve very high automation levels, our vertical technologies can be integrated with production lines. For example, by storing pieces which need to be held for a time before being returned to subsequent production stages, or allowing double loading, at front and rear, with back-to-back bays, so that the material ready for use can be loaded from one side and collected from the bay at the other.

This is how Ford has increased the number of vehicles produced per day!

To simplify and speed up warehouse loading and picking, Modula can be equipped with visual aids and automatic scanning tools: the product is uniquely identified, and the operative will be guided during the picking procedure.

Occupational health and safety is also a top priority for us. It is guaranteed by TUV GS certification, awarded to our entire product line. There is no longer any need to bend down, go up ladders, move heavy equipment or climb; the product required will be delivered straight to the operative with just a click. Bringing parts to eye level clearly improves ergonomics for workers compared to traditional shelving warehouses. Look how Audi has improved ergonomics for its workers by including a Modula!

Precision and integration with Modula WMS

  • Human errors are detected at once
  • Fewer paper documents
  • Expediting operations are monitored in real time
  • The best location for every product is recommended through analysis of a set of parameters

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