Store electronic components: with Modula warehouses, it’s easy and safe

06 March 2018

What does storing electronic and electric materials mean?

  1. Keeping goods safe, clean, and organised
  2. Making picking and inventory easy and safe for the operator

Modula warehouses are the perfect solution, both for those who wish to improve their warehouse’s performance without upsetting the production process, and for those who, instead, wish to completely overhaul all their production. They can be easily integrated into the company flow, can communicate with existing ERP and WMS, or the production process can be redesigned from scratch starting from the Modula warehouse itself, making it the beating heart of the company’s production or distribution department.

Let’s see why.

Modula for cleaning stored material

The Modula automatic vertical warehouses are suited to any type of product as they can be configured for a variety of payloads, unit heights, sizes and accessories. It’s not necessary to separate electronic components from the rest of the goods and store them in different parts of the warehouse, because all products can be stored inside the Modula.

The options are endless: indeed, the goods can be divided and stored in multiple Modula warehouses, which can be installed next to one another, or different trays can be used for different goods, or each tray can be divided into smaller compartments, with dividers and metal partitions. Even very small items can be stored in bulk, without danger of being lost.

Certainly, the most common issue for those who store this type of component is to keep the goods clean and safe.

With regard to the first requirement, i.e. the need to keep goods as clean as possible, Modula is the perfect solution, because you can store your goods in the trays and prevent dust and dirt settling on them, and away from dust or contact with hazardous or potentially damaging substances.

And that’s not all: when you reduce the number of times operators have to move goods, you avoid having them damaged.

This allows you to effortlessly maintain high quality standards.

Modula for the safety of electric material

The safety of electronic material is often an issue. The average value makes it appealing to unscrupulous hands, and it’s often necessary to protect it from theft. With the automatic warehouses, you’ll simply need to limit access inside the warehouse or individual trays using badge, RFID readers, or a simple login and password.

Modula: facile e sicuro per gli operatori

Modula warehouses promote a very safe workspace for operators.

In the case of electronic materials, the opportunity to install an ESD protection system is very important to safeguard goods and personnel from any electrical discharges.

Even finding what you’re looking for among the myriad similar items and various codes with just a click, is an absolute must-have, that promotes faster picking operations and reduces errors.

A single Modula warehouse is enough to instantly recognise the benefits you will reap:

  • Reduced floor space and use of vertical space, up to 16 meters in height. In other words, this means new floor space is available for other functions, or lowered lease and/or management costs can be achieved.
  • Automatic optimisation of storage space, with dynamic tray height storage: you will no longer have to waste precious time figuring out what is the best distance between one shelf and the next. And above all, you won’t waste space with shelves that are too wide.
  • The automatic system that moves the trays increases pick-up, meaning the operators don’t have to run around the warehouse looking for items. With the dual load and delivery level, wait times in production are practically down to zero.

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