Using the Modula vertical warehouses to store farming machinery parts

22 May 2018

Those who work in the farming machinery sector are well aware that the maintenance of the machines themselves is truly a rewarding, important undertaking, as much as the initial sale of the machine is, and it is an activity that contributes significantly to increasing the turnover of the sector.

Having an effect on the price leverage is often difficult and ineffective, so it’s better to include, over and above the customised offer and on the quality of the machines, the quality of services offered, and the speed and promptness of maintenance.

The importance of maintenance for farm vehicles

Maintenance speed in this sector plays a highly strategic role: nature doesn’t wait around, and land work is done at the right moment and when the weather allows it. This is why machine downtime is a very serious issue, especially when it happens in peak season.

Getting the spare part as fast as possible therefore becomes absolutely essential.

Being able to offer top quality products for machine maintenance and fast shipping and handling of maintenance orders is the true competitive edge for companies operating in the farm machinery production sector.

Modula warehouses to better manage spare parts

With the Modula automatic vertical warehouses, it’s much easier to manage spare parts and to always be aware of everything available within the warehouse.

Knowing how much of each component or spare part is in stock, at any time, helps you to be better prepared for peak seasons, when order requests increase exponentially. How is this possible?

WMS software for checking stock in real time

Thanks to the Modula WMS Warehouse Management Software that runs the machine, you can record everything you add to the warehouse using the simple touchscreen graphic interface. A real time display of the actual raw materials in stock allows you to plan ahead and optimise the logistics of the production flow.

This means it’s also easier and especially faster to do inventory.

Save time when preparing orders

Perhaps, one of the greatest advantages in using the Modula vertical warehouses in the farming machinery production sector is to reduce to a minimum, the time to prepare orders.

The outcome of all the following advantages provided by the Modula warehouses is time saving:

  • Automation of picking operations: operators will no longer have to race around the warehouse to pick up (or deposit) goods; instead, everything is within reach in a single location
  • The warehouse needs just a few seconds to bring the tray with the item you selected to the delivery level
  • An automatic warehouse means there are zero errors in preparing orders – and therefore in satisfying customers. How many times have you prepared an order (and even sent it to the customer) with the wrong items? It happens, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to double check. With Modula, you can rest easy, because you can integrate the warehouse software with the management system and the company software, so that you have the order to be prepared available directly on the console. And that’s how, with just a few clicks, you can prepare the order with no errors.

Save space: fewer shelves and heavy packs to move

Not even the various sizes of farm machinery spare parts are a stumbling block for Modula warehouses. That’s because you can store both small items and large goods in them. You get to choose yourself the number of trays and their internal layout.

So you can store small screws, bolts and washers in one tray, and pumps, distributors, internal axles, bonnets or cab roofs in another. If you have very heavy, bulky materials you can integrate the Modula warehouses with an optional trolley so you can shift the entire tray and, once you’ve done that, reload it onto the warehouse, with no effort from the operators.

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