Akzo Nobel

Modula warehouse management system for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industry

Akzo Nobel is part of the multinational group leader in the production and marketing of paints, enamels and varnishes for the industry, bodywork and construction market.

How to store labels with the Modula Sintes1 automatic warehouse

The company needed an automatic system to classify and store the labels.

The choice fell on the Modula Sintes1.7 model because it was designed for the store and picking of small objects, such as the labels that Akzo Nobel places on its products, operating at a very high picking speed.

The rotating warehouse has perfectly adapted to Akzo Nobel’s industrial environment, saving 90% of the space occupied on the ground. The Sintes1 has solved the problem of disorder thanks to the linear criteria with which the pieces are now cataloged and placed in the warehouse. Setup times have been reduced by 50% because the Modula Sintes1.7 interfaces directly with the SAP company management system.