Inox Mecc

Modula warehouse management system for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industry

Inox Mecc is an Italian company, a point of reference for the production of components dedicated to the chemical and petrochemical sector. For over 30 years, constant technological innovations in the automation of the production cycle have allowed Inox Mecc to keep pace with a constantly evolving sector, optimizing processes so as to guarantee high production levels.

The Modula Lift automatic warehouse and the Modula WMS software: the winning combination to speed up order preparation

Following the growing demands from the market, Inox Mecc has decided to renew the management of the finished product, speeding up the order preparation methods and reducing errors in withdrawal operations.

In this context of renewal, Modula has proposed its Modula Lift ML75D automatic warehouse with Modula WMS.

In addition to the advantages in terms of space and speed introduced by the warehouse, Inox Mecc has taken enormous advantage of the characteristics of the WMS. Thanks to the interfacing with the company management system, the Modula receives the picking list directly on the Copilot, so the operator can prepare the order in the shortest possible time.

After the picking operations, Modula returns the updated data to the management system , ensuring a constant inventory of goods.