Intas Pharmaceuticals

Modula warehouse management system for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industry

Intas is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures and develops pharmaceutical formulations based in India. In India, Intas has chosen to focus on 3 main sectors: pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and veterinary formulations.

Immediately growing, it covers almost 3% of the Indian market with growth prospects of 20%.

With 3 Modula Lift the storage area has been considerably reduced

Incas production processes involve automations and systems equipped with particular, delicate, expensive and high added value molds. The traditional storage method, which involved shelves and shelves, was not up to the standards required for these molds. In addition, the space required to store these tiny tools was absolutely oversized.

With 3 Modula Lifts, each 8,500 mm high, the storage area has been reduced to 36 square meters compared to the corresponding 1,500 square meters in the case of a traditional warehouse. In addition to the space saved, the quality of the storage has also improved considerably, in terms of precision, safety and cleanliness. Special compartments have been created in the drawers, equipped with a particular container that further protects the molds inside.