Modula warehouse management system for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industry

Symrise is a leading international perfume and fragrance company, with annual sales of € 2.1 billion in 2014. With offices in Paris, New York and Shanghai, Symrise offers the designer industry a blend of creativity and excellence. In the field of perfumes, it offers exclusive fragrances for selected customers around the world that have earned it numerous awards. Symrise has a 5.7% annual growth target and is looking for ways to achieve this. Each recognized fragrance reflects its slogan “Symrise, always inspiring more”.

An important restyling was planned for the New York laboratory, located in elegant Park Avenue. The problem is this: how to display almost 40,000 perfume bottles in a relatively small space and with a ceiling of limited height. Not only do you need to display the bottles, you also need to keep track of handling and inventory using the software, as well as maintaining appropriate safety and temperature levels for your products.

Doing stock searches from your desk? With Modula automated warehouses it is possible

After an initial survey of the different methods of conservation, including mobile and static shelving, Symrise felt that these were not viable solutions and therefore turned to one of its historical suppliers, Innovative Material Handling (“IMH”) who, in the course of has provided numerous successful Automated Storage Solutions for manufacturing areas and laboratories in New Jersey for years.

Thanks to two Modula Sintes1.7 units and 15 licenses of the WMS tracking software, laser pointers and air conditioning, IMH was able to meet the demand, allowing the storage of 40,000 bottles so that the laboratory staff were able to search the warehouse from your desk. These units offer a fast, precise and safe identification and picking system, reducing the movement of personnel, previously forced to uncomfortable maneuvers, because all the material is quickly traced thanks to the software and delivered at a comfortable height. Symrise is extremely satisfied with this new and winning Modula solution for its factories.